Policies & Procedures

Coaching Overview and General Instructions

  1. Confidentiality:Your confidentiality will be honored at all times. If another client is mentioned it will be with their permission to use that example to help others. No names will ever be used.
  2. Assignments: Each week you will get a list of 1-6 “assignments” that are directly related to accomplishing your goals and dreams. Please turn these assignments in at least 24 hours in advance of our session, so they can reviewed and coaching work can be done in addition to what I’ve already been working on
    for you.
  3. Weekly Payments: You will make your payment at the same time you send your homework over via PayPal.  Due to the nature of our work, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.
  4. Your Appointment Time: Your session time will always remain the same and are designed to be consecutive each week unless arrangements are agreed upon in advance. You will call our office at 484-885-1000 unless other arrangements are made in advance, by both parties in writing.
  5. Session Times: We will be in our appointment for an hour or slightly more. Please allot that quiet time in your office where you can take notes and concentrate on how we’re moving toward your goals. Please do not be in the car or in a public location where there are numerous distractions.
  6. Missed Appointments: If for some reason there is a last minute emergency,  we will reschedule later in the week if both schedules permit or add this session to the end of your group of sessions.  You are expected to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if you are going to miss a session.  Otherwise, you will be charged for the session.  In the event of two consecutive missed appointments with no prior mutual written agreement, your coaching agreement will be terminated.  No refunds or other obligations will apply.
  7. Referrals: for any clients that you refer to The Special Event Coaching Group that become clients for 12 weeks or more, you will receive 3 FREE sessions.
  8. Products or Services: The Special Event Coaching Group is always looking  for services and products for our event planners. If you are interested in mailing lists, email blast marketing, public relations, web design or other services please discuss your interests and needs, so we can help you to the best of our ability.
  9. Teleclasses: The Special Event Coaching Group will offer instructional Teleclasses for all of our clients. You may sign up in advance and if a payment applies, it will be posted on our website and you will make the applicable Paypal payment before the class. Upon all registrations you will receive the Dial-In  Number and the Bridge Code for entry.
  10. Sales Support: There have been many times that one of my planners is offered work that they may not have experience or be comfortable selling to. If you want my support we are happy to have a tele-meeting with them on your behalf to help you close the sale. These arrangements will be made in advance and that call will be considered “a session” and you will be charged the stand session cost.
  11. Negativity, Industry Gossip & Lack of Professionalism:Our coaching program  is designed to help planners reach success as their goals and dreams define it.  We pride ourselves on putting the emphasis on positive solutions rather than negativity. We do not participate in negative exchanges with clients or vendors as this is the opposite of what we believe in and sabotages the coaching process.  It is our policy to terminate business relationships or existing agreements without refunds or further communication if this should occur.