What To Expect

What can you expect of me as your Executive Coach?

  1. You can expect me to put you, your needs, wants and concerns front-and-center during the entire time of our scheduled appointments I commit to an open, honest relationship characterized by integrity
  2. I provide a safe environment, encouragement, support – and challenges, during our coaching sessions
  3. I fully respect you and your expectation of total confidentiality
  4. I broaden your vision, provide new insights and help you make new discoveries about yourself
  5. I Listen intently, be a sounding board, and provide input – yet allow you to develop your own solutions
  6. I am your strategic partner with you as you achieve your goals and reach new heights.

~ Attract More Clients ~ Make More Income ~ Have More Fun ~

What do I expect of my clients?

  1. To make a commitment to coaching and scheduling/keeping their appointments.
  2. Take ownership for work to be done between coaching sessions
  3. Commit to goals and the work required to achieve them
  4. Think creatively and be open to new ideas and opportunities
  5. Be open with me about what is helpful and what is not
  6. Conduct yourself with candor, openness and integrity.

How to Make A Great Living InĀ  Special Events

  • Create model business procedures and structures for years to come.
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Networking
  • Turn Key Paper work
  • Easy ongoing referrals
  • Legalities and Insurance (make sure you’re covered)